The Lifestyle 5LPM stationary oxygen concentrator is a high-efficiency, reliable concentrator perfect for anyone who needs 24-hour oxygen. 


Easy Transportation and Storage

The LifeStyle Mobility 5LPM oxygen concentrator is compact and includes wheels and a top handle for convenient storage.


Auto Shutdown

This 5LPM concentrator has an auto shutdown feature to protect against any power surges, high temperature and low oxygen concentration It also has heat protection to ensure the compressor and concentrator do not get damaged.


Oxygen Purity and Low Flow Rate Indicators

Lifestyle Mobility's 5LPM oxygen concentrator has an oxygen purity meter as well as low flow rate indicators to make sure you are receiving pure oxygen at a normal rate.


Humidifier Bottle and Nasal Cannula Sold Separately

The humidifier bottle and nasal cannula for this oxygen concentrator are sold separately


Easy to Read Hour Meter

This 5LPM unit has a digital hour meter display which is clear and easy to read so you can monitor your oxygen usage.



Manufacturer: Lifestyle Mobility Aids

Weight: 35.5 lbs

Size: 13” W x 10.3” D x 21.3” H

Power Consumption: 360W (average)

Alarms: Power failure, sensor failure, <73% ox lasting 10 min.

O2 Purity: 93%± 3%

Outlet Pressure: 5.5 PSI ± .73 PSI


Pressure Relief Mechanism: 36 PSI ± 7.3 PSI

Power Supply: AC120V, 60Hz; Current:3.5A

Power: 450VA

Maximum Recommended Flow: 5L

Liter flow range: 0.5~5L/min ,93%±3% (after running for 30 minutes)

Usage: 24 Hours

Warranty: 3 Years

Lifestyle 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator (120V)

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